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  • Claire Summa

Thank You Note: The University of Washington

Hello, everyone! There are so many thank yous to give out for the support we have received over the past year. We want to give a special thank you, however, to the University of Washington. This project was conceived, nurtured, and brought to fruition through its faculty, students, and graduates. The Simpson Center, which grants UW scholars varied opportunities for intellectual community and financial support, gave us $29,000 for editing, youth team, archiving, and animation. They also sponsored our participation in the National Humanities Conference. Furthermore, many of our Wisdom Committee members at UW provide us with wonderful mentorship. This includes contributors like Katharyne Mitchell in Geography, John Vallier in Media, and Anne Jenner in Special Collections. Additionally, the UW Honors Program sponsors our interns in part, and gave in-kind support for Frances while she was writing the poetic spine of the film.

So once again, thank you to the University of Washington and to all our supporters.

In other news, I am happy to announce that Jack, Cali, and Frances are speaking about triggering towns today at the Praxis Conference! The theme of the conference is “Learning through Doing: Crafting Meaning through Making-Oriented Pedagogy.” We’re all excited to hear the great thoughts this community gathering provokes!

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