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Where the House Was wins the 2019 award for Best Pacific Northwest Feature at Tacoma Film Festival

Award for Best Pacific Northwest Feature at Tacoma Film Festival, engraved to Where the House Was and director Ryan K. Adams

After a successful showing at the 2019 Tacoma Film Festival, Where the House Was is a proud winner of the festival's 2019 award for Best Pacific Northwest Feature (see our snazzy award to the left, and see director Ryan K. Adams proudly posing with it below). We're so grateful to the festival for the recognition, and to all the crew and supporters who have made this stellar start to the festival season possible.

For the screening itself, the Tacoma Film Festival paired Where the House Was with the documentary short Space Needle: A Hidden History, directed by BJ Bullert. It was a brilliant stroke of programming—on top of the shared Seattle landscape themes, Space Needle also featured poetry by Jourdan Keith, who is featured speaking about her experiences with Hugo House in Where the House Was (she was also recently named Seattle's new Civic Poet). Keith's poetry was paired in the short with an interpretive dance, driving home the surprising and powerful revelations about the feminine form of the Space Needle. We highly recommend you keep an eye out for a chance to see the Space Needle: A Hidden History for yourself. You can find Bullert's Vimeo here.

Keep an eye on our list of screenings for your chance to see our award-winning (!) film.

Director Ryan K. Adams holding award

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