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Team Demo Hugo is currently in the process of planning and launching a crowdfunding campaign to fund our team’s research and filming. Stay tuned for more news coming soon.



Team Demo Hugo is a collective of geographers, archivists, planners, animators, filmmakers, writers, Seattleites, transplants, poets and literary geeks. We’re making a documentary film about building community and art, and we want to make sure it gets to the people who need it.




Where the House Was is a project by and about communities.


It came together in many pieces, some big and others small. It was made with the dedication of a small team of paid staff, numerous volunteers, organizational sponsors, and private funders. If you'd like to support your team and help the film reach more people, here are some ways you can help:

  • Donate via the PayPal button below

  • Spread the word about our project to your organization, social media followers, and friends

  • Let us know if there's an opportunity that we should be aware of, or if you'd like to bring the film to an organization in your town. 


How to donate:

Click the special PayPal button below to help us out via our fiscal sponsors LoveCityLove. We’ll get back to you with a letter acknowledging your tax-deductible donation.

We will use your money to:

  • Pay our team

  • Bring our film to festivals, theaters, libraries, and community centers across the US and the world

  • Throw killer events that spread the word about arts and memory in changing landscapes

Team Demo Hugo is grateful for the support of its sponsors, including the Simpson Center for the Humanities at the University of Washington, the Lucky 7 Foundation, and the Seattle Office of Arts and Culture. We are also eternally grateful for the many donors to our Indiegogo campaign who made this film possible.

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