• Claire Summa

Lori Goldston says goodbye to Hugo House, her way

On the evening of May 21st, renowned Seattle cellist Lori Goldston brought a few longtime friends and musical collaborators with her to bid farewell to Hugo House through their own artistic expression. With the help of a few fancy mics, a sound engineer, cello, drums, and an accordion, the trio drifted around the house and remembered their time there. They have since sent the recorded music to Team Demo Hugo. We hope to weave it into the film, Where the House Was, with the class it deserves. The music is haunting and eclectic, powerful yet understated enough to invite the listener to focus closely on every note.

Photo Credit to Lori Goldston's website

Just like the House itself, their tribute was intricately minimalist. We are so grateful that this goodbye was said, and we are honored to further cement its permanence.

Check out Lori Goldston's website here for more information about her music and upcoming shows.