• Team Demo Hugo

A Few Updates

Hey folks! It's been a while since our last update, but here are some developments as of the new year:

We've been hard at work on interviews. We've gotten to speak on-camera with Frances's Hugo House co-founders, along with an actor who used to perform in the building. Coming up, we'll be talking to writers who passed through the building, along with some of Hugo's old friends and a couple of now-professionals who had their first jobs in the building. Stay tuned!

There have been some changes to the team. We have an animator, Lisa Jaech on board! We've also just hired Ananya Garg as our Archival Intern, and our lit researcher/archivist Jack has stepped up into the role of Lead Archivist. A couple other members of the team - geographer Anisa and film whiz Allison - have moved on to other projects. Keep an eye on the Our Team page for bios, mug shots, and updates as the cadre keeps shifting.

Indiegogo perks are coming soon. If you helped make our Indiegogo campaign successful (with offline contributions, we topped our goal by over a hundred dollars!), your reward is coming soon! Like, mailing within the next week soon. We can't wait for you to see your stickers, T-shirts, postcards and posters. We're also hoping that we'll have enough extra for later giveaways for those of you who didn't hear about the Indiegogo in time.

We're in full production mode and we'd love your help. If you can speak to the history of 1634 11th Ave or know someone who can, email!

Keep an eye out on the blog and our social media (Facebook and Twitter) for more updates!