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An update on Saturday's party

Hopefully you saw our first post inviting y'all to a party at Sole Repair so we can all get to know the project and make postcards to places we've loved.

Well, we promised "more to come," and here it is: we'll be featuring a short reading from our poet-friend Jan Wallace!

Jan Wallace’s work appears online at A Journal of the Built + Natural Environments, Off Paper—the Project Room’s online journal, and in print journals such as Field, Fine Madness, and Hubbub. She was Denise Levertov’s personal secretary for years toward the end of that poet’s life. She co-founded the Rendezvous Reading series with Frances McCue (who, she would like to point out, totally rocks). Currently she makes a living by reading tarot cards and by writing copy about everything from pears to home improvement. Her website is

And check out this cool poster that our designer Suz made!

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