• Team Demo Hugo

A Shout-Out to Our Backers

Team Demo Hugo is all about being “collective”—collective effort building a collective memory. That’s a big part of why we opted for crowdfunding. We wanted to make room for others to support this film remotely, and we want to recognize those of you who’ve been able and willing to chip in on our Indiegogo with a donation of $10 or more.* Thank you, generous souls!

Kryssy Kelland


Philip Shaw

Andrea Lewis

Linda and Ben Jennett

Erin Hoffman

Sam Greaves

Alvina Lucht

Lisa Slivka

Qing Zhao

Janet Wallace

Michael C Smith

Spike Brehm

Gabriela Frank

Jasmine Lopez

Jeffry Mitchell

Juliana Borges

Anne Jenner



Helen Joyce DeFriece

Tom DeFriece

Heather McKown

Jerry King

Alice Kearns

Maggie Lewis and Bob Huppe

Patricia Shuster

Beth and Justin Clark

*Note that many of our donors aren’t listed here because they’ve opted to remain anonymous rather than claiming a shout-out.