• Flora Tempel

Welcome to the Team Demo Hugo blog!

Team Demo Hugo is a group of lovely people who are dedicating time to make the documentary film, Where the House Was. The film will explore gentrification and memory as the building that has housed Richard Hugo House is torn down on Seattle’s Capitol Hill.

Richard Hugo was a Pacific Northwest poet who inspired three writers, including Frances McCue, to start a Seattle literary center. Over twenty years ago they envisioned a place for writers to come together, visit, and learn. Today, the old house they patched up is going to come down, to be replaced by apartments. Luckily, Hugo House will also be provided with a new workspace in the building.

Our work for the film will focus on finding valuable stories and information to create a collective history of Hugo House. Before the house is torn down, we will investigate

the changing Seattle landscape and preserve a memory of the early years of the house for the generations of writers who will walk through the new doors.

An incredibly important part of this project is encouraging others to get involved. Perhaps you are interested in gentrification in Seattle. Or maybe you are a supporter of Hugo House, or interested in the Seattle writing community. Either way, we hope that you’ll help us and spread the word. You can donate to our Indiegogo campaign or contact us with stories or information you may want to share. In addition to our contact form, you can also find our social media links on the Get Involved page.

Here on the blog, you will find lots of fun, interesting, and exciting information about what the Team Demo crew is up to. We’ll let you know all about how the project is going and how you can help us work toward our fundraising goals. We’ll also tell you all about us and the work we are doing each day. You’ll see great pieces of art, some pieces that are made by us and some by artists that we find inspiring or informative, like Richard Hugo. And, of course, we’ll keep you up to date with extras from our social media work and shout-outs to people

who donate.

Thank you for visiting us and we hope to see you again soon!