• Cali Kopczick

Things Are Gathering Steam!

Things are gathering steam! Some evidence:

1) That cool logo and this brand-spaking new website, both made by Mara Potter.

2 ) A new partnership with LOVE CITY LOVE, a non profit arts collective that aspires “to be more intentional about creating an authentic culture here in Seattle that gives space for emerging artistic collaborations, for people of all ages, backgrounds and economic means to experience and participate in artistic expression and experiences that weave us together as a unified whole.”

3.) Ryan K. Adams has signed on as Cinematographer/Director!

Director Ryan has been making films for 27 years. He studied classic experimental cinema at The Evergreen State College. Ryan’s collaborations with experimental filmmaker Jon Behrens, distributed by Canyon Cinema, are shown worldwide. As a Cinematographer, Ryan shot several feature length films, including The Oregonian (Sundance ’11) currently distributed by Sundance and available online (iTunes, Netflix, Hulu). Also William Never Married which won Best Cinematography at the 2010 Downtown Film Festival Los Angeles (available on Hulu). His collaborations with Seattle-based artist, Susie Lee on a series of video portraits called Still Lives has been shown worldwide. Ryan created the video backdrops used in The Fisher Ensemble’s performance of Kocho at Galapagos Art Space in Brooklyn New York in 2011. Ryan recently shot the documentary Massacred For Gold, directed by Vernon Lott. Besides his personal work Ryan also directs music videos, industrials, political ads and short films.

4) We’ve been getting a lot of mentoring!

From Josh Daniel, an award-winning Producer-Writer-Director-Editor who works at Pyramid Communications and has his own consulting firm, Content Inventions. Current and recent clients include The Committee for Children, Educurious, The Teaching Channel, UW School of Social Work, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Amplify, PBS Parents & PBS Kids, Sesame Workshop, Filter Digital, and the UN.

And From Stephen Silha, the Producer and Director of BIG JOY, a film and website about the power of art and poetry to change lives, using the life and work of experimental filmmaker and poet James Broughton (1913-1999) as a lens. Big Joy is an award-winning feature documentary.

5.) We’re headed to a crowdfunding initiative. Stay tuned, especially on our “Get Involved” page!

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